IT solutions for better customer service and process automation


IT technologies are becoming a trend in the hotel and restaurant business. More and more customers are booking a hotel room, ordering food, checking out the best deals, reviews from other visitors, as well as participating in loyalty programs in the most convenient way – online and/or mobile apps.

Also, hotels and restaurants are actively implementing IT solutions to automate processes and improve service. Software solutions are designed to create a completely new experience for both customers and employees.

The Soft Industry Alliance company offers you vast experience and knowledge in the development, adjustment, and maintenance of a wide range of solutions for hotels and restaurants:

  • accounting and financial systems, acquiring;
  • access control systems, electronic number lock systems;
  • online booking solutions for hotel services and restaurant reservations;
  • mobile applications for the bonus, promotional programs, virtual guides for tourists, etc.

We create all of our products with a future-oriented approach, taking into account the principal long-term business trends.

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