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Business Holidays Calendar for 2022

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To synchronize the efforts of many people working on a project, it is important to think over and make a schedule in advance. 

The yearly list of public and bank holidays may vary depending on the country. And it’s one of the things to consider, as it can affect the work process.

We have made the holidays calendar 2022 for the Soft Industry Alliance company, which you can use when planning tasks and designing “road maps” for projects. It’s based on the list of official holidays celebrated in Ukraine which are days off in government and private companies throughout the country.

Please, take into account this information when scheduling your work plans.

By all means, our email, Skype and messengers are always available for you and we will respond to your messages within the next business day.

Wishing you fruitful work and enjoyable holidays in 2022!

Please, contact our team if you have any questions

In 2022, the holidays off in the Soft Industry Alliance company fall on the following dates

*If the official national holiday in Ukraine falls on a weekend, it is generally observed on the closest weekday.

New Year's Day

Saturday, the holiday is moved to the next Monday.

Orthodox Christmas


International Women's Day

Tuesday, day off

Orthodox Easter


Labour Day


Orthodox Whit Sunday

Sunday, the holiday is moved to the next Monday.

Constitution Day

Tuesday, day off

Independence Day

Wednesday, day off

Defender of Ukraine Day

Friday, day off

Gregorian Christmas

Sunday, the holiday is moved to the next Monday.

New Year's Eve