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The newest technologies open up opportunities for distant and interactive learning experiences for both children and adults.

To make the learning process more effective and interesting, modern schools, colleges, and universities use multimedia and game-based teaching methods, e-books and online knowledge testing systems.

There are also numerous online educational platforms that allow sharing knowledge and study from almost anywhere in the world.

Even traditional media channels such as TV, press, and radio are steadily switching to mobile apps, where each user can receive useful or entertaining content and share it on social networks at a convenient time.

If you want to develop an educational and media project, it is necessary to take into account that today the audience prefers the interactive format.

Soft Industry’s experience in the Education, Entertainment & Media industry

Our team has experience in creating various solutions:

  • integrated media systems for educational institutions that allow the teacher to control the learning process,
  • game-based learning applications for children with 3D/VR/AR characters,
  • multimedia content distribution applications,
  • online encyclopedias, etc.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in the industry:

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a 3D model, and the user can interact with it in real time. The technology is an exceptional tool for educational material visualization, it helps to involve the audience and demonstrate something without additional explanations.

2. Gamification

Gamification as a is an opportunity to practice knowledge and skills in a fun and involving way. Interactive techniques encourage the users to get involved in the process, motivating them to pass the levels. They are interesting both for children and adults, as they make learning “live” and flexible.

Our IT solutions will help to successfully implement an educational methodology, optimally organize the process of learning and testing knowledge, bring your content to the audience, monetize a media project.

We are ready to bring into life any of your ideas, even non-standard or those that we have not encountered before.

Let’s work on it together!

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