Soft Industry Alliance LTD provides a range of services that combines various processes and methods aimed to optimiziе IT infrastructure and ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of all server system components.
The geography of our customers Western Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, Ukraine.
With the company Binary Vision Studios inc, we established a successful process of cooperation.

At the pre-sale stage, Soft Industry Alliance LTD provided Binary Vision Studios ink with own expertise in the development of software solutions, and also announced the presence of DevOps and AWS certificates in the company’s staff. After the initial contact made, our AWS Solution Architect held an online meeting with a client representative and found out the details of the future project.

The client set us the goal of expediting the delivery of finished parts of the application for testing and quicker deliver of an updates to end users.

Next after gathering initial requirements pre-project efforts proceeded to an AWS architectural diagram stage. It was also necessary to contact the development teams of the Backend and Frontend parts of the project. A number of meetings were held and requirements clarified. A diagram of the architecture and list of required AWS resources has been prepared. Based on the results of all the meetings, a project proposal was prepared, which became the basis for the decision to start project.

The project proposal for Binary Vision Studios inc includes organize and configure the infrastructure on AWS and the following environments:

Development [dev] for development environment of its application, CI / CD for teams that deal with various components of the application: the server side, user interaction, storage of application data and orders.

Demo [demo] – an intermediate result of developing an application for demonstration to the client’s stackholders.

Test [test] – test the functionality, before the next release.

Intermediate [stage] – for testing updates before production.

Production [prod] – for the main and stable version of the application.


For the project, AWS products were selected:

Review from Satisfied Client

I would like to recommend Soft-Industry Alliance as a professional service provider.
We developed a web app and needed help with DevOps and Soft-Industry Alliance provided us with quality service, excellent communication, and proactivity. They were able to troubleshoot issues, and deploy existing code with no problems. They provided us with quick answers for all our questions and they were easy to contact and always responded promptly.
We will definitely be working with them again.

Mohamed Ibshara, Founder/Partner at Binary Vision Inc.


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