The IT services market is expanding. Many companies declare their readiness to provide software development services. Of course, being an authority in the market is important for customers. They want to be confident in the quality of services (products) and protection of the information provided. A worldwide guarantee is compliance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 international standards.

ISO 9001: the quality that is not questioned

The ISO 9001 certificate confirms that the company has a working quality management system (QMS). As we work together, a client is guaranteed to receive the expected level of services. Developing unique technological projects based on innovative solutions, Soft Industry Alliance protects them from unauthorized access to the maximum degree and ensures high-quality results.

The ISO 9001 certificate gives the company the following benefits:

  1. Carrying out continuous monitoring of quality control. Special software is used, as well as advanced information technologies. The provided services and products meet international regulations and standards.
  2. Taking into account the interests of customers. QMS includes the requirements for suppliers and manufacturers of products to take into account the benefit for end users. Interaction with clients allows us to quickly respond to recommendations, preferences, or complaints.
  3. Ensuring full control of the production cycle, within which the management methods are transformed. Optimum conditions for flexible communication between company departments are created, and this minimizes the probability of errors.
  4. Using financial and time resources efficiently. This happens due to the correct motivation of the staff – their greater involvement in the processes and understanding of the company’s strategy.
  5. Implementing risk management. Thanks to risk-oriented thinking, the company’s specialists develop products based on understanding of their marginal utility. After all, it is easier to eliminate errors at early stages of a project than after it goes into production.

The justification for having ISO 9001 for an IT-company

The ISO 9001 certification involves a number of procedures. The company must fully comply with the requirements of the standard. All activities and processes must be documented. Departments need to pass a production and management audit. However, the opportunities that open up after receiving the certificate justify the team’s enormous effort. That is why Soft Industry Alliance, having customer confidence and many successful projects, confirmed this with a certificate of compliance ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 certification allowed the company:

Having the ISO 9001 certificate confirms the competence of Soft Industry Alliance employees in providing such services as:

ISO 9001 can also serve as the basis for creating integrated management systems (IMS) in the company. Their implementation solves most of the problems arising during certification by several standards (high labor intensity, duplication of functions, documents or positions, etc.). ISO 9001 is compatible with the information security standard ISO 27001, and special standards for IT activities ISO / IEC 12207, ISO / IEC 15288, ISO / IEC 15504.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms the compliance of Soft Industry Alliance with the main requirement of customers, investors and business partners – high-quality services and products.

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