A tool for calculating the effectiveness of financial indicators and attracting investments in various projects

Advanced business organizer

“Corporate action cross business inteligence” is a platform for decision making by shareholders. It allows stakeholders and placement owners to respond fast to market events and give brokers their decisions on share buying and selling.

Sales promotion System

A service to create interactive presentations of different products with the help of mobile devices.

Merchant Tracker

Route planning and fast calculation of current indices of each employee and whole teams in different territories.

Internet Radio

A mobile application for listening to radio stations on the Internet.


A simple and convenient application for coffee lovers. Detailed information on coffee varieties and flavors compiled into an interactive encyclopedia.

Taxi Service

A mobile service for taxi search, calling and payment in the form of applications for drivers and passengers.


The solution processes huge amounts of input data from various channels in different formats, structures them using selected algorithms, generates reports and displays info for end users.

Delivery Service

Application to search for and request a courier, and payment for delivery services.

Parcel tracker

Automatic collection of parcel’s dimensions and address information by one video camera on a conveyor. Calculation of delivery cost according to the collected data to send to an addressee.