Dear friends and colleagues!

Today, more than ever before, rapid and effective changes are required. To ensure the safety of the team and greater attention to the psycho-emotional condition of employees Soft Industry Alliance has implemented a number of important measures, listed below:

1. A LifeStrong Strategy plan has been developed, which means everything essential for keeping the company running was prepared at the warehouse.

2. Soft Industry Alliance realized this plan and the employees were relocated to the safe places in the shortest possible time.

3. The entire staff of the company was provided with all the necessary equipment and conditions to continue working on the projects.

4. Soft Industry Alliance started paying more attention to the psycho-emotional intelligence of its employees, which is manifested in:

• A highly qualified psychologist supports the team’s psychoemotional state.

• The staff of the Peoples Partnership department, whose main task is to maintain the psycho-emotional state of each employee, is doubled

The analysis of current situation and the decision to hire a psychologist was one of the results of the People Partnership department work.

It is worth noting that it was the CEO who made it a priority to support the psychoemotional state of the Soft Industry Alliance team. And it was the decision of the CEO that made it possible to provide the necessary financial support to those employees who needed it. Thanks to it 40% of employees were given necessary assistance. 

In the next article, we will continue to introduce you to the changes in the Soft Industry Alliance, stay tuned. Together we can.

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